"I have been getting a better night's sleep and I don't wake up with an achy back ever since I bought my Temper-Pedic memory foam mattress from Home Mattress Direct. Love it!"
- Anne, Lake Oswego

"My wife and I bought a new Sealy last month and it's phenomenal. Thanks to the sales rep John for getting us a great deal."
-Michael, Portland

Our Mattresses

Welcome to Home Mattress Direct! The number one source in Portland to serve all your needs for the best mattresses and bedding accessories. From the standard innerspring mattress for beds, to high quality futon matresses, and all sizes from twin, full, queen and king mattresses, we've got your bedding bases covered. Get a new set for your whole family! Come by our convenient location to see our full selection and talk with a sales representative!

Almost one third of your life is spent sleeping, so don't you think what you're sleeping in should be important? A good quality bed mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, help better your posture, and improve you energy levels for the day. We strongly believe that good bed mattresses can help you to live a happier and healthier life. That's why we don't let our customers sacrifice quality for price! We have the most competitive prices on the market offering the best mattress brands at prices you can afford. Enjoy great brands like Sealy, Serta, and Tempur-pedic without the dent in your wallet.

For a lot of customers, making a first time purchase for mattress and beds can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of great choices, each with specific properties and benefits, so picking the right one can sometimes take a lot of time and research. Sifting through the options on your own can be pretty stressful, that's why our friendly customer service representatives are here to help you with your choice! We can help you locate the right mattress with all the features you want and need in no time. Read our local mattress reviews and see firsthand what other customers think of our different mattresses. Our goal is to help you find affordable comfort, fast!

Mattress Reviews
If you're a first time buyer- we strongly recommend reading through our mattress reviews to help you get the type of feedback you want to know. Each mattress in our selection has a complete and comprehensive review. Get a quick look at all the stats: size, weight, durability, and comfort level, as well as a written description about the benefits and potential drawbacks of each matress. Discover the mattress best-rated for orthopedics, comfort, or firmness, or whatever feature concerns you most. For mattresses, there really isn't a one-size-fits-all option and choosing the right one is a personalized experience. A poor mattress can lead to back pain, neck pain and restless nights. Your spine and neck alignment during the night is largely determined by the type and quality of the mattress you use. Get the perfect match that fits your body and your sleeping style to keep you comfortable and energized all day, every day.

Name Brand Mattresses
We are proud of our extensive selection of high quality, brand name mattresses. Home Mattress Direct offers our customers one of the biggest selections of quality mattresses, futons, and other bedding accessories in the state! Because of our wholesale prices, you can even find top-quality mattresses at up to 50% off marked prices. How's that for a discount! Home Mattress Direct also offers weekly deals to help you achieve even greater savings. Ask us about what kind of sales are ongoing and how we can make your mattress deal work for you. Our discounts are not just based on inventory, but based on our customer's personal needs. Check out our full selection of sizes, we carry all types of mattress king, queen, full, and twin sizes. In our store, you'll find great brands you can trust, like Serta, Seely, Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, and more! Come by today and make your dreams come true.


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